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Photos From The USS Hobby
At Melody Lane, Seattle, Washington, August, 1945
(Left - Right)  P. Raurek; W.H. Smith; George W. Small; Donald A. Rabine
This was after the USS Hobby came home for overhaul and liberty for the crew.
The Hobby was here when the war with Japan ended, and she then
proceeded to New York for the Navy Day celebrations in October, 1945.
 USS Hobby Ordnance Division Crew Members
New York City, October, 1945
(Left - Right)  Jim ?; Larry Balding; W.J. "Andy" Andrezjewski; Art ?
The Hobby was in New York Harbor for the Navy Day Celebration,
which was October 27.  One of every type of Navy vessel that had
participated in the war was present for all Americans to see.
Seattle, Washington, 1945
(L to R):
Kelly, Caruso, Don Rabine
Late 1945 or January 1946, Charleston, SC
:  Unknown
Middle (L to R):  Simione, John Presnick, Unknown, Howerton
Bottom (L to R):
  Don Rabine, Unknown, Unknown Chief
Seattle, Washington, 1945
Standing (L to R):  Howerton, Myers, Raurek
Kneeling in Front:  Caruso
Walter Stanley "Roxy" Nelson, MM1/C
USS Hobby Shipmate
USS Hobby Officers and Family
New Year's Day 1944, Hampton, Virginia
Left to Right:  Jack and Cissy McDonald, Bob and Peg Selmer, Betty Lee Pressey and Kathie,
John Aymond and Johnny, Gerri Aymond, Sarah and Ronny McCulloch, Addie and Morris Minton.
USS Hobby Officers, Goodenough Island, 1944
Left to Right:  Jack McDonald, Art Sachs, and Bob Selmer.
USS Hobby Officers, Goodenough Island, 1944
Left to Right:  Tommy Edwards and Art Sachs.
USS Hobby Officer Lt. j.g. Clinton McMahan
Summer of 1945, with his father, Seattle, Washington.