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Destroyer Division 38

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Destroyer Division 38 Association
A Non-Profit Organization
Mission Statement

            The Destroyer Division 38 Association was originally begun as the USS Hobby Association in 1970 for the purpose of holding an annual reunion of the veterans who served aboard the USS Hobby, DD-610, during World War II.  The USS Hobby was one of four destroyers which made up DesDiv 38.  In subsequent years the USS Hobby Association was contacted by members of the crew of the USS Kalk, DD-611, and from that point it was decided to contact the crews of the other two ships (USS Gillespie DD-609, and USS Welles DD-628) to form the Destroyer Division 38 Association.  An annual reunion has been held every year consecutively since 1970.

            Initially, the reunions were comprised of mainly just the original crew members and officers, with possibly a few spouses attending.  In later years more spouses began attending and then so did the children of the veterans.  In 2006 the veteran shipmates of the DesDiv 38 Association were tiring of keeping the Association running, due to age and health concerns.  It was then that the children stepped forward to volunteer to take over and keep it going.  The bylaws were amended to allow family members of the veterans to become full members of the Association, with voting rights and to be eligible for election into officership positions.

            The DesDiv 38 Association puts out a quarterly newsletter for the purpose of keeping all members up to date on the coming year’s affairs and annual reunion, and also including input from the membership such as anecdotes or stories about life aboard ship, liberty in port, and so on.  Both the newsletter and especially our website are means of finding new members who are either actual shipmate veterans of one of the four ships, or family members wanting to learn more about their father’s or grandfather’s war service.

            It is the goal of the Destroyer Division 38 Association to recruit as many direct or collateral family members of the shipmate veterans as possible for the purpose of keeping the Association going well into the future, and it is also our goal to preserve its history and keep alive the traditions and memories of the shipmate veterans lest those become lost to history forevermore.  There is a societal need to educate the families of DesDiv 38 regarding the historical importance of World War II and the part that each of the four ships and their crews had during that trying time in our nation’s history.  We are striving to gather from the veterans, while they are still able, as many as possible war diaries, photos taken during the war and also onboard the respective ships, shipboard papers, war stories, etcetera, so that these may be saved and presented to the future generations of offspring of the veterans.  This website is dedicated to the officers and men of Destroyer Division 38 and many of the collected photos and papers from the veterans are displayed herein.


Fund Raising Donations


            The Destroyer Division 38 Association traditionally has been funded solely by dues from its members, donations and by holding annual reunions but we invite private corporations and non-member individuals to help assist us with tax deductible donations to further the Association’s mission to preserve its history and keep alive the traditions and memories of the veterans who served in it during World War II. 

            Our first generation members – the actual shipmate veterans who served on each of the four ships of the division – are shrinking in numbers, as they must, but the children and grandchildren of the veterans are appearing in growing numbers each subsequent year and we need to keep this new growth sustained so that they and others can be educated with the history, traditions, and memories of their fathers, grandfathers, and uncles

            All donations and monies received are and will be used exclusively for holding and conducting annual reunions; assisting in getting the World War Two veteran shipmates of the Destroyer Division 38 Association to the reunions; publishing and mailing out of a quarterly newsletter to keep all members up to date on DesDiv 38 matters; and for making occasional or periodic donations to charitable organizations, such as the Wounded Warrior Facility and The Navy Memorial.


Tributes / Memorials


            Anyone wishing to make a contribution or donation to the Destroyer Division 38 Association may do so in any of four ways:


1.    In honor of a surviving veteran shipmate of DesDiv 38

2.    In memory of a deceased veteran shipmate of DesDiv 38

3.    To an individual ship of DesDiv 38

            (USS Gillespie DD-609; USS Hobby DD-610; USS Kalk DD-611; USS Welles DD-628)

4.    To the DesDiv 38 Association General Operating Fund (which includes defraying the cost of publishing and mailing out of the newsletter and other mailings as necessary; the purchase of envelopes, stamps, and paper; or for organizing and holding an annual reunion)


            There is no minimum contribution or donation amount and all donors will receive a letter of receipt and thanks, which will include the Association's Tax Identification number which you may use for tax filing purposes.

            Please use the form on the Contact Us page of this website to let us know you wish to make a contribution, and please include your regular mailing address in the body of your message.  We will reply back to you with further instructions for making your donation.