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70th Anniversary of VJ Da

A Selection of Diaries which were kept aboard ship during the war.  Although this practice was frowned upon and was not to be permitted according to Navy regulations, many of the men did so anyway as a way to help remember what they had been through, witnessed, or survived.


October 13, 1942 – July 17, 1945


            Dwight was sworn into the U.S. Navy on October 13, 1942, and spent the next ten months in training, part of which was at Naval Training School – Electrical, at Perdue University, in Lafayette, Indiana.  Lieutenant Commander ( later Rear Admiral ) Ernest Blake was in command of the USS Hobby when Dwight first came aboard on August 12, 1943.  Commander ( later Rear Admiral ) George W. Pressey assumed command of the Hobby in October, 1943.  Lieutenant Commander ( later Captain ) Charles O. Akers assumed command of the Hobby on January 30, 1945, at Ulithi Atoll, in the South Pacific, and was with her and the crew until the end of the war, and later until she was decommissioned in Charleston, SC.  According to Captain Akers, Dwight was the ship’s Gyro Electrician.  In other words, his duty, as well as his battle station was at the Gyro Compass, to ensure its proper operation at all times.
            This transcript of his diary is copied in its entirety, using all words and punctuations as originally written and entered in the diary.  Correct spellings and notations have been made, and are in parentheses.

Electricians Mate 1/C Dwight M. Edmisten, Jr.
At war's end, 24 years old in this photo.






Sworn into Navy Oct. 13, 1942.
Oct. 14 – Left Raleigh (Raleigh, NC)
Oct. 16 – Arrived Great Lakes (Illinois – This must have been Boot Camp)
Nov. 25 – Left          “        “
Nov. 25 – Arrived Lafayette.  (Indiana, Perdue University)
March 20, 1943 – Left  “      .
April 1 – Arrived San Diego.  (Gyro Compass School)
June 27 – Left        “       “    .
July 1 – Arrived Norfolk.
July 21 – Left           “     .
   “   22 – Arrived N.Y.
   “   27 – Left       “  “ .
   “   28 – Arrived Norfolk.
Aug. 4 – Left             “      .
   “    5 – Arrived N.Y.
   “    12 – Went aboard U.S.S. Hobby
   “    20 – Left N.Y.
Sept. 10 – Arrived Casablanca.  (Morocco)
   “    16 – Left               “        .
Oct. 4 – Arrived N.Y.
   “   17 – Left     “  “ .
Nov. 7 – Arrived Azores – Monta Del Pago, San Miguel
   “    7 – Left Azores.
   “    10 – Arrived Casablanca.
   “    18 – Left               “       .
Dec. 6 – Arrived N.Y.
Dec. 26 – Left     “  “ .
Dec. 27 – Arrived Boston.
Dec. 28 – Left Boston escorting Battleship N.J.  (BB-62, New Jersey)
Dec. 29 – Arrived Norfolk.
Jan. 2, 1944 – Underway for Panama escorting Iowa & N.J. (Battleships BB-61, BB-62)
Jan. 6 – Arrived in Panama.
  “   8 – Underway for Funafuti.  (Funafuti Atoll, Ellice Islands)
  “   23 – Arrived at           “      .
  “   25 – Underway to search for twenty-one pilots.  Found all but five.
  “   28 – Arrived at Funafuti.
  “   31 – Underway for Milne Bay, New Guinea, Escorting four Troop Ships.
Feb. 7 – Arrived at Milne Bay.
  “    11 – Underway for Buna, New Guinea.  Arrived at Buna.
  “    15 – Under way escorting four LST,s.  (Landing Ship Tank)
  “    17 – Arrived at Cape Glouster, New Britain.  Under way for Buna.
  “    19 – Arrived at Buna.
  “    21 – Under way for Saidor.  (New Guinea)  Picked up four LST,s at Finsch Haven.
                (Finschhafen, New Guinea)
  “    22 – Arrived at Saidor.  Waited for LST,s to unload.  Only 50 miles or less from
                Madang, big Jap base.  Escorted LST,s back to Finsch Hbr.  (Harbor) and
                Troop Ship to Buna.
Feb. 23 – Arrived at Buna.
Feb. 25 – Under way for Saidor.  Picked up five LST,s at Finsch Hbr.
Feb. 26 – Arrived at Saidor.  Waited for LST,s to unload, Cruising around off Coast.
                Escorted them back to Finsch Hbr.
Feb. 27 – Stopped at Finsch Hbr. then steamed for Buna with four LST,s.
Feb. 28 – Arrived at Buna.
March 1 – Under way escorting three LST,s.
March 3 – Arrived Cape Glouster.
March 4 – Underway off coast waiting for barges to unload.  Under way for Cretin.
                  Arrived at Cretin.  Picked up five LST,s and one converted troop carrying four
                  stack Destroyer and under way for Admiralty Islands. Plenty of fighting there.
                  Just invaded about a week ago.
March 6 – Arrived at Los Negros Island.  LST,s made landing while several “Tin Cans”
                  screened them with heavy gun fire.  Not much resistance from Japs.  Cruising
                  around waiting for LST,s to come out from beach.  they came out with all
                  guns blazing.  Plenty Japs reported dead from shelling by “Tin Cans.”  All
                  day heavy guns could be heard and planes dropping bombs could be seen.
                  Two of the LST,s reported hit with a few casualities (casualties).  Also one
                  Tin Can hit earlier in day in an attempt to enter Seeadler Harbor (Seadlor
                  Harbor).  Fourteen Casulities (casualties).  Under way for Buna.
March 8 – Arrived at Buna.
March 11 – Under way for Admiralty Islands.
March 13 – Arrived with six LST,s at Admiralty Islands.  Went into Seeadler Hbr. Which
                    Japs held last week.  Shelled one of the islands.  Could see heavy fighting on
                    another one.  Japs wiped out by night.
March 14 – Shelled Jap Air base on Manus Island (Admiralty Islands) for two hrs.  No
                    return fire.  Army reported it very good.  Anchord (anchored) in Hbr. for
                    awhile.  Japs all around.  Saw U.S planes dropping bombs.  Could see smoke
                    from explosion.  Saw dead man floating in water.  All bloated partly shot
                    away.  Probably American.  Gruesome sight.  Shelled another island for one
                    hr. in afternoon.
March 15 – Shelled Jap Air base on Manus for two hr.s Then a wave of eighteen Mitchell
                    bombers dropped all their bombs then strafed the Japs.  Then nine dive
                    bombers dropped their loads.  As bombers pulled away, barges loaded with
                    men moved in and landed on beach. No planes were hit.The Destroyers were
                    not fired on.  but landing force met some opposition (.)  First landing on this
                    island. Japs don’t seem to have long range guns, but probably plenty of guns
                    for close fighting.  We were secured from G.Q. (General Quarters) to see the
                    landing.  It seemed more like a movie than real, but plenty of men were
                    probably killed – Army reported 750 dead Japs and only three dead
                    Americans.  Also reported 36 dead Japs in house which we hit in yesterday
March 16 – Shelled Manus again.  Tonight bursting shells & bombs can be seen – Under
                    way for Buna with eight LST,s.
March 18 – Arrived at Buna.
March 22 – Under way for Seeadler (Seadlor ) Hbr.
March 23 – Arrived at Seeadler Hbr. Anchored & went swimming with guns blasting
                    all around us.  but all shells were over our heads fired by us.  Men at Jap
                    installations on Manus (.)
March 24 – Shelled Pityilu Islandfor about two hrs.  Did a lot of damage.  Only 1700 yds.
                    away.  Could see very good.  No return fire.  First shelling of this island.
March 25 – Shelled Los Negros for about two hr.s then proceeded to Rambutyo Island &
                    shelled it for about two hrs.  Forty’s & five inch’s were used.  No return fire.
                    First shelling of Rambutyo.
March 27 – Under way for Buna escorting one Liberty Ship.
March 29 – Arrived at Buna.
March 29 – Went alongside Tender (ship) “Dobbin.”  My assistant transferred.
April 3 – Under way for Seeadler Hbr.
April 5 – Arrived at Seeadler escorting one tanker. – Under way for Buna escorting one
April 6 – Arrived at Buna.
April 7 – Under way for Beli Beli, Goodenough Island.  Arrived there about 9:00 tonight.
                Most beautiful island I’ve seen.
April 8 – Under way escorting four big transports, seven LST,s & about nine LCI,s
                (Landing Ship Infantry) heavily loaded with Soldiers.
April 9 – Made mock landing this morning.  Under way for Oro Bay.  Arrived there.
April 15 – Ships have been comming (coming) in until there are thirty-three “Tin Cans”
                 including two Aussie (Australian) cans, five cruisers, including two Aussie,
                 about twenty or more D-E,s & Frigats (Frigates), Several large Transports, &
                 Numerous LST,s.  I think something big is about to happen.  Probably an
                 invasion.  Somewhere.
April 16 – Under way.
April 17 – Arrived at Goodenough Island. – The “Old Man” gave us the “dope” this
                  morning. We are going to make a landing, in fact three of them at Hollandia &
                  two other points on the North Coast of New Guinea on April 22nd.  We will
                  make ours farthest west.  The Hobby will lead the parade in.  We are to have
                  plenty of air support.  About twelve carriers (,) escorts & numerous heavy
                  cruisers.  There will be fifty-eight “Cans” & quite a few cruisers in the three
                  attacks.  thirty thousand Troops are to be used.  Most of them in our landing.
                  We expect some opposition.  Japs have some pretty big air bases there & only
                  78,000 troops – estimated.  Left Goodenough escorting four big transports
                  loaded with men.
April 18 – One more transport & quite a few LST,s & “Tin Cans” joined us – Only two
                  of us went to Goodenough – we are supposed to meet Main body of Task
                  Force North of the Admiralties.
April 20 – About all the ships are with us now.  they are all over the horizan (horizon) &
                  around us.  The carriers have not loined us.  They are behind & will probably
                  stay there. Planes are flying all around. Probably scouts from the carriers. Only
                  two more days until the landing.
April 21 – Only a few more hrs. until the attack.  We have been & are expecting an attack
                  today or tonight either from planes, surface craft or subs.  Maybe all three. We
                  have been spotted twice by jap planes, but they got away before our planes
                  could catch them.  They were probably Scouts.
April 22 – Went to G.Q. at 0500 – opened fire with 5” battery at 0600 at beach. Fired 390
                  rounds in 45 min.  No return fire.  No enemy opposition at all except some
                  sniping when landing barges went in.  They started going in at 0645 and are
                  still going in at 1600.  There must be thousands over by now.  There were
                  supposed to be 78,000 Japs here, but No evidence of them.  Probably
                  evacuated before we got here if they were here at all.  The Army officers –
                  Generals, Col.s & Majors both American and Aussie which were aboard, left.
                  When we stopped firing at 0645 (,) I went top side to see landing.  Many small
                  barges were used and they went in with guns blazing.  We had plenty of
                  Air protection but they dropped no bombs or straffed (strafed).  A big Jap Air
                  base is supposed to be a few miles over the mountains.  But they did not show
                  up.  This place is called Tanahmerah Bay and is our most westward base now.
                  The Jap airbase was bombed before we arrived.  The “Skipper” just reported
                  the landing a big success – about two or three killed & seven or eight
                  wounded.  The moment the Army landed they began building roads &
                  buildings.  A large force of enemy planes were reported but failed to show up,
                  Thank God.  Under way for Buna with fifteen LST,s.  Yesterday was my
                  twenty-third birthday, but I didn’t remember it until tonight.
April 25 – All but seven LST,s stopped at Cretin.
April 26 – Arrived at Buna.
April 30 – Under way.  Arrived at Morabe Bay.  Went on recreation party to the beach.
                  First time I have been on the good old Earth since Feb. 7 (nearly 3 months)
                  in Panama.  Sure did feel good.  Went swimming in river.  Explored old Army
                  camp.  Abandoned now.
May 1 – Under way.  Escorting several LST,s.  Several Tin Cans along.  Also one or two
               supply ships.
May 4 – Arrived at
Aitape Road
.  Above Wewak.  Cruising around waiting for LST,s
               to unload.
May 5 – Under way.  Several “Cans” escorting numerous LST,s & two supply ships.
               There seems to be quite a few Jap planes around lately.  Red alert & attack at
               Holandia (Hollandia) last night.  We are on alert for planes all the time.  Expect
               an attack any time.  Enemy planes in vicinity today.  Thought we would be
               attacked once, but they didn’t come close enough.
May 7 – Arrived Seeadler Harbor.  Quite a change.  Plenty of ships here now.  Eight
               carriers, five cruisers – two Aussie & three American (,) Numerous “Tin Cans”-
               LST,s Supply Ships & Tankers.  Can see morning flight of Liberators (U.S.
               bombers) taking off.  This is the main base for operation(s) now, I guess-just as
               Buna was when we first came there.  We are continually moving the bases
               westward. This is just one more step to Japan. We have Army bases further west
               than here, but aren’t safe enough for bomber & Naval main bases yet.  Maybe
               next week the base will be moved on.  We are moving fast these days.  The Japs
               only had two air bases here.  We have plenty more now, for planes from flying
               boats to Liberators.  Two months since we first came here.
May 11 – Went to beach on recreation party.  Thumbed a ride in a truck driven by a
                Seebee (Navy Construction Battalion – CB – personnel).  Went all over island,
                Los Negros.  It’s a merical (miracle) what they have done in just two months.
                Built roads (,) Air Strips and camps out of dense jungle. But that is the Army &
                Navy for you. Saw native village. Women wear only grass skirts (,) children go
                nude.   Saw Liberator Landing Strip.  Saw Jap grave yard.  Hole dug with
                bulldozers, Japs dumped in and covered by bulldozer.  Arms & legs sticking
                out.  Awful smell.  There are a few Japs still at large.  Natives get Two pounds
                for each head they bring in.  They are doing pretty good they say.  I didn’t see
                the prisoners.
May 13 – Under way escorting six LST,s.
May 16 – Arrived at Humboldt Bay.  Under way.  the Skipper told us we are on our way
                 to make another landing.  Using seven thousand troops and air coverage (,) we
                 will make a landing on the mainland of New Guinea at Wakde (Wadke)
                 Island, which has been bombed for the last few days.  They intend to set up
                 guns on the mainland in order to attack Wakde which is only five thousand yds
                 off coast.  We will be between them bombarding the mainland.  All the Jap air
                 raids have been coming from this area. Three air bases on the mainland, one on
                 Wakde & two on a nearby island.  All the Japs chased out from Wewak &
                 Hollandia are escaping in barges from that point.  We expect to see a few barges
                 & get in a little barge shooting, the Skipper said.  He also said we are to expect
                 more opposition from now on out, because we are close to where the Japs have
                 many bases, planes & oil to run them, where as before at other places they
                 didn’t seem to have.  Also the Jap fleet was sighted only 600 miles from here.
                 We are expecting an air attack.  Have an alert on now & are at G.Q.
May 17 – The landing was merely a repeatition (repetition) of the others.  We opened
                fire on the mainland at 0700 & by 0710 had 91 salvos out.  We fired over 500
                rounds in all.  The troop laden barges started in at 0715 & met no opposition.
                Five cruisers – the same five – Nashville, Phoenix, Boise & two Aussie –
                shelled mainland & Wakde Island hitting oil dumps on both.  Then the light
                bombers came in at Wakde.  Straffing (strafing) & dropping eggs.  They sure
                gave it “Hell(.)”  The explosion of the bombs shook us out here.  No opposition
                to any operation, although we expect an air attack any time.  We also used our
                forties in the bombardment.  We just finished straffing (strafing) Wakde with
                the forties.  Suspected a couple of camoflouged (camouflaged) seaplanes  (.)
                The bombing & straffing & shelling of Wakde continued all morning & afternoon.
                About 1200 o’clock Troops made landing on Insoemaar (,) covered by us (USS
                Hobby) & two other “cans(.)” We raked beach with a withering fire from 40mm &
                20mm.  Spotted several Japs running into shell holes on Wakde.  Let ‘em have
                three salvos of five inch.  No Japs.  I saw all operation after our first 91 salvos (,)
                but it is hard to describe.  Insoemaar is small island along side Wakde.  Under way.
May 18 – LST,s stopped at Humboldt Bay, but we picked up several more.
May 19 – Arrived at
Aitape Road
May 20 – Underway – LST,s (.)
May 21 – Arrived Humboldt Bay.
May 24 – Under way to patrol tonight – Looks like another landing in the offing.
May 25 – Under way for Biak (,) one of the Schouten Is. (Islands).  A big invasion fleet
                 has gathered together.  it’s about the usual one.  The five cruisers & escorting
                 Cans, LST,s, LCI,s & Converted Troop Cans.  Larger than last one.
May 26 – The landing was the same old thing – except that more oppsition was met.  we
                & one other “can” went in first & opened fire with the five inch guns on the
                beach.  Supposed to fire 152 Salvos but number one gun craped (crapped)
                out & only got out 105 salvos.  Later we used the 40’s & 20’s.  The barges met
                enemy fire when they went in to land troops.  Quite a few amphibous
                (amphibious) Tanks were used.  We were only short distance from beach.  The
                bombers didn’t do much.  Biak is largest of Schouten Is. Group.  This just about
                winds up the New Guinea area.  We go west now, I suppose.  Under way
                escorting LCI,s.  Radio reports – Hutchins – “can” (DD-476) hit in mast – one
                man injured.  About two hrs. after we left 12 Jap bombers came over – five
                were shot down – one crash dived in S.C. (Sub Chaser?  Sea Coast?)  No
                report of damage.  As usual we just missed the fun.  but that’s allright (alright)
                with me.  The Kalk (DD-611) – our div. (division) was there.
May 28 – Arrived at Humboldt B. (Bay)
May 29 – Underway escorting LCI,s.  Radio reports quite a bit of fighting on Biak.
May 31 – Arrived at Biak – LCI,s unloaded reenforcements (reinforcements).  Underway
                 escorting same group of LCI,s (.)
June 1 – Arrived Humboldt Bay.
June 6 – Underway – escorting LST,s to Biak.
June 8 – Arrived at Biak.  Were attacked by Jap fighter planes at dawn.  They straffed
              (strafed) LST,s/  None shot down.  Didn’t stay long enough.  Bombarded Mokmer
              Air Strip this afternoon.  stayed at G.Q. all day, occasional bogies, but no more
              appeared.  (Bogies are Radar contacts)  Our planes were in the air all day.  Japs
              attacked shortly after we left – after our planes left the air.  They don’t stay up at
              night.  Also had Sub. contact.  (Submarine)  Under way.
June 10 – Just ready to go into port at Humboldt Bay – movie gear all rigged.  When we
                get orders to preceed (proceed) at full speed to join convoy on its way to
                Biak.  Japs are beginning to come out again.  Some of their fleet is operating
                again & getting sunk.  Quite a few planes around too.
June 12 – Arrived at Biak.  While cruising around waiting for LST,s to unload (,) had an
                air attack.  The Kalk [611] (Original notation in brackets) our sister ship took a
                bomb hit on starboard side of torpedo tubes between the stacks.  It went into
                torpedo shack, completely demolishing it, the Machine shop & electrical shop.
                Torpedoes were blown over the side.  Main steam line in fwd. eng. (forward
                engine) Room was broken.  All men who got out were badly burned.  Some
                didn’t get out.  Don’t know how many casaulities (casualties) but it’s thought
                that most all men topside from break of fos’cle to 40mm’s were killed.  Six or
                seven signal men & gunners on bridge were killed.  The men topside were
                torpedomen (,) gunners & fwd. repair party.  The doctor, (&) supply officer
                were killed & chief engineer missing.  Haven’t been into eng. (engine) room to
                see how many didn’t get out.  On the whole, casaulities (casualties) were
                heavy.  Eight were brought aboard for first aid for burns and sharpnel
                (shrapnel) wounds (.)  One man in serious condition.  We went along side to
                help as much as possible to clear away devries (debris) and dead men.  Smell
                of burning flesh.  Legs, arms, heads & guts strewn every where.  Underway late
                this afternoon escorting LST,s & Kalk.  We gave her water & with one fire &
                eng. room still intact is able to steam.  the flag was just masted for the burial of
                the dead.  A watery grave.  This might have been us except for a cloud which
                sheilded (shielded) us from Jap plane.  I hope to God I never see the same thing again.
June 14 – Arrived at Humboldt Bay.  Learned that there were 74 casaulities (casualties)
                -16 dead (,) 10 missing & the rest wounded.  The bomb went through hatch
                into torpedo shack.
June 16 – Went over on mainland on recreation party.  Rummaged around in what had
                been Jap Army camp & dug outs.  Also went over on one of the islands Last
                time we were here.  forgot to mention it.  It’s amazing what the Army can &
                has done.
June 17 – Underway escorting Liberty ships to Wakde.
June 18 – Arrived at Wakde (.)  Underway for Seeadler (Seadlor) Harbor (.)
June 19 – Arrived at Seeadler.  Went alongside repair Ship Dobbin.
June 26 – Underway escorting Tanker.
June 28 – Arrived at Humboldt Bay.
June 30 – Underway.  Another landing to be made.  This time it is Noemfor (Noemfoor)
                Is. 80 mi. west of Biak.  9000 men to be used.  there are three enemy Air Strips
                on it.  We & the Welles (USS Welles, DD-628) will shell one on one end of
                island for eight hours.  An Air Attack is 3-1 in favor of it.  There are several
                tin cans, numerous LCI,s & LST,s with us.
July 2 – Well, “landing” the same as usual.  While we & the “Wells” were shelling Air
              Strip on one end of island (,) the troops landed on the other end under cover of
              bombers & Destroyer bombardment.  We changed places with one of the “cans”
              in the afternoon & shelled where the landing was made.  Bombers were still
              straffing (strafing) & bombing Air Strip on that end of island.  They drew some
              Ack-Ack fire.  We were not fired on.  No enemy air opposition & very little
              ground resistance.  Underway for Humbolst Bay.  LST,s.
July 4 – Arrived at Humbolst Bay – stopped long enough to pick up mail – then left for
Aitape Road
.  Ecorting (escorting) two LST,s.
July 5 – Arrived at Aitape & immeadiatly (immediately) for Humboldt Bay.
              Arrived there.
July 7 – Underway for Aitape.
July 8 – Arrived at Aitape (.)  Underway escorting two LST,s.
July 9-10 – LST,s & Liberty Ships joined us at Humboldt Bay & Wakde with “cans”
                until there are seven ships & eight LST,s with us.  Part of them stopped at Biak.
                The rest we are taking to Noemfoor.
July 11 – Arrived at Noemfoor.  Left for Biak.  Arrived at Biak.  Underway for Noemfoor
                & will patrol there for several days.
July 13 – Underway for Humboldt Bay escorting one supply ship & three LST,s.
July 15 – Arrived at Humboldt Bay.
July 16-27 – Went out several times for aireal (aerial) target practice.
July 28 – Underway.  Another landing to be made soon.  We may not be in on it.  Just
                take in second wave of supplies & reenforcements (reinforcements).
July 30 – Landing was made at Cape Sansapor (,) between Sarong & Manokwari (.)  We
                weren’t there.
Aug. 1 – Arrived at Sansapor with LST convoy (.)  Underway for Biak.
Aug. 3 – Arrived at Woendi.  Biak can be seen in distance.
Aug. 5 – Underway escorting eight LST,s & two supply ships.
Aug. 7 – Arrived at Cape Sansapor.  Cruising – LST,s unloading.  Underway for
               Humboldt Bay.
Aug. 10 – Arrived at Humboldt Bay.  Underway to patrol outside Harbor.
Aug. 12 – Went back into Port & alongside repair ship “Dobbin(.)”
Aug. 18 – Under way for Aitape.  Arrived there.
Aug. 19 – Under way with several soldiers aboard.  Target practice.  Tom Winkler was
                 one of them.  (Tom Winkler was from the same county in North Carolina as
                 Dwight was, & they knew each other from before the war.)
Aug. 20 – Underway with Aussie soldiers for target practice. – Underway –
Aug. 22 – Arrived at Finsch Haven (Finschhafen).  Underway for Tulagi Harbor in the
                 Solomon Islands.  We were detached from the Seventh Fleet and assigned to
                 Admiral Halsey’s Third Fleet.
Aug. 24 – Arrived at Tulagi Hbr.  A new third Fleet is being organized.  There are
                 already Battle wagons (,) Cruisers, carriers(,) tin cans, etc(.) here.  This
                 is Florida Island.
Aug. 26 – Underway –
Aug. 27 – Made practice landing on Guadalcanal with about 17 Transports.  Anchord
                 (anchored) at Guadalcanal.  Numerous other transports here.  Looks like a big
                 invasion soon.
Aug. 28 – Underway – made another mock landing on Guadalcanal.  Battle wagons,
                 cruisers & carriers participated today – Aug. 29 –
Aug. 30 – Anchord (anchored) at Guadalcanal.
Sept. 1 – Underway to patrol outside Anchorage – Guadalcanal (.)
Sept. 2 – Anchord (anchored).
Sept. 3 – Underway for Pervous Bay in Tulagi Hbr.  Arrived there.
Sept. 4 – Underway to go alongside Tender (ship) “Dixie(.)”
Sept. 7 – Underway.  The Skipper confirmed the scuttlebutt that has been going around.
               We are going to Palau (Island) to make a landing.  This won’t be like the
               landings we made befor (before).  The Japs have something to fight with up
               there & are fighting.  We are leaving tomorrow morning.  Battle wagons,
               Cruisers, & carriers have already gone to soften up the Japs before we get there.
               He said we would expect Subs, air attacks & possible surface engagments
               (engagements).  We will make other landings after that.  There will be three
               simulatainous (simultaneous) landings (-) Palau, Halamahera & another one I
               didn’t catch.  he said this is starting the last lap & that we will be moving
               against the Japs fast from now on out to the finish.
Sept. 8 – There are about 18 or 20 Tin Cans.  20 or so big transports loaded with Marines,
               & three carriers for air protection.
Sept. 14 – Tomorrow is “D” day for us.  We are landing troops on one island of the Palau
                  group at 0830.  The “wagons” & cruisers up ahead of us will open fire at 0730.
                 Off our Stbd. (starboard) bow is a convoy of 30 LST’s & several LCI’s
                 loaded with equipment.  Directly behind us is a carrier screen.  25 miles behind
                 us is a convoy similar to this one (,) which will land on another island in the
                 Palau group the 16th.  The “old Man” said we are to expect plenty of air
                 resistance & possible surface engagments (engagements).  The Japs are
                 known to have two to three hundred small craft in this area, which can be used
                 for torpedo boats.
Sept. 15 – Everything went according to schedule so far as we could see.  We are pretty
                 far out on sub patrol.  Wagons & cruisers shelled – Then bombers & fighters
                 came in.  Carrier based planes more than 100 in first wave.  Troops moved in
                 on several beachheads.  I have been in pilot house all morning listening to
                 radio.  Observers in planes report everything.  Troops met stiff enemy
                 resistance – heavy artillery & mortar fire (,) but are advancing slowly.  There
                 has been no sign of Jap planes or fleet so far.  The island first hit – shelled,
                 bombed & landed on was Peleliu.  They are going in on another one now.  (The
                 first tanks to go in on Peleliu were knocked out & our Troops were pinned
                 down for a long time) (refer to preceding page).  (These are both original
                 parentheses, and the reference is to an earlier part of this Sept. 15 entry.)
                 A couple of our bombers could be seen falling in flames.  Ack Ack got ‘em.
                 Tonight we are with the fire patrol command.  We are on call fire.  When
                 enemy pill boxes (pillboxes), gun enplacements (emplacements), etc(.), are
                 spotted we go in and knock ‘em out. – several of our tanks have been knocked
                 out & the Japs are still putting up heavy resistance.  They have run out tanks.
                 Our troops are fighting for the big air strip now.  Several landing barges were
                 lost during the landing this morning.  I keep thinking – “out here we are taking
                 it easy & over on the island men are dying.”  Except for heavy smoke & gun
                 flashes & occasional Naval bombardment, it’s hard (to) realize a big battle is
                 being fought here.
Sept. 17 – Yesterday & this morning we are out pretty far from the islands on sub patrol.
                 Our troops now hold all the southern end of Peleliu and the Air strip.  A
                 landing was made on Ankaur this morning.  Plenty of carrier based bombers
                 have been flying across toward the islands.  We went in this afternoon for
                 shelling.  Shelled mortar positions on a ridge which overlooked our troops.
                 Were complimented for our work.  We drew return fire.  Probably 3” & 75mm.
                 No hits, but a couple pretty close.  Some of the “cans” have been hit in the last
                 couple of days while shelling enemy positions (.)  Bombers & fighters are
                 continually bombing & straffing (strafing) the japs.  We are going to fire
                 starshells all night to illuminate any possible evacuation of the enemy.
                 Bursting artillery fire can be seen & heard.
Sept. 18 – We have been shelling Peleliu all day.  We have been complimented on our
                 excellent shooting.  Bombers & fighters have been bombing & straffing
                ( strafing ) continually all day.  The Skipper told us that the commander of the
                32nd Task force officially reported an unofficial report of an armistice with
                Germany.  I hope it’s true.
                P.S.  We outshot the Missippi.  ( Mississippi )  We were called in to take her
                place because she was doing so badly.
Sept. 19 – Underway tonight escorting Columbia, Cleveland, Tenn. (,) Miss. (Missouri?)
                 & Penn.  (Pennsylvania) to meet tankers to refuel.
Sept. 20 – Met tankers this morning.  Refueled underway.
Sept. 23 – Been patroling (patrolling) around Peleliu for the last three days.  Came up
                 here, Kossol Passage, it’s called, off northern-most island of Palau group.
                 Numerous ships anchord (anchored) here.  Wagons & cruisers.  We have
                 been taking on Ammunition all day.
Sept. 24 – Left the Anchorage tonight.  Almost hit a mine.  Exploded it with our guns.
                 The anchorage is surrounded by coral reefs with two or three channels which
                 are mined.  This mine may have broken its moorings or put there by an enemy
                 sub.  One was contacted by Sound Gear.  A new 2100 can (A 2100 ton class
                 of Destroyer) hit a mine a couple of days ago going into anchorage (.)
                 Damaged her considerably, killed three men.  We are patroling (patrolling)
                 around Peleliu now.  Ships are still shelling back.
Oct. 1 – We have been patroling around Peleliu for several days.  Several Jap barges
              have been sunk but we were in too close to spot any.  They were caught before
              they got in close.  Two more islands were landed on Wed. (Wednesday)  We
              didn’t particapate (participate).  We have seen several dead Japs in the last
              couple of days.  They are just now coming to the surface and floating out on the
              tide.  We sink them with machine gun fire.
Oct. 2 – Last night out usual air raid.  We took supply ships out from close to beach as
              usual, but the can that takes our position (#11) (Original parentheses.  DD-611,
              USS Kalk) at night was straffed (strafed) pretty badly.  Sound gear put out of
              commission.  Several men wounded & some killed.
Oct. 13 – A break in the monotney (monotony) of patroling (patrolling).  A Marine
                pilot had to bail out of his “Corsair” when a released bomb fail(ed) to drop.
                His plane crashed into the water & blew up.  We picked him up.
Nov. 4 – We have been patroling (patrolling) Peleliu.  Went to Kossol for fuel few times.
               Occasional air raids by two or three Jap planes.  We are screen commander, so
               are quite busy mothering PC’s (sub chasers, steel), S.C.’s (sub chasers, wooden)
               & LCI’s who are also patroling (patrolling).  We haven’t had mail for two
               months.  Last night a Marine night pilot mistook an LCI for a Jap barge (,)
               so straffed (strafed) it pretty badly, killing & wounding some of the men.
Nov. 10 – We finally got mail.  I think we are being relieved in a day or two.  We just
                 came thru two days of the worst weather we’ve seen in the Pacific.  Last night
                 we shelled an island the Japs had landed on during storm & had retaken it.
Nov. 11 – Underway for Ulithi (.)
Nov. 12 – Arrived at Ulithi.  There more ships of all kinds here than I have ever seen
                 in one place before.  I think we have been Assigned permanent duty here as
                 harbor master.  It may last two weeks or two months.  I think when we do
                 Leave here we will go to the States, I hope.  This is my opinion & scuttlebut(t).
                 This place is surrounded by a coral reef with only a couple of passages and
                 occasional outcropings (outcroppings) of small islands.  It’s like most all
                 other anchorages.
Nov. 15 – Went alongside Tender (ship) “Dixie(“).
Nov. 20 – Several of the Japs largest Subs sneaked into harbor at dawn, Torpedoed one
                 Tanker.  Before they could do more they were discovered.  Two or Three were
                 sunk by depth charges & one was rammed by the “Case” (DD-370).  The sub’s
                 plan evidently went haywire because there are several carriers & wagons in
                 here, & they only got the one Tanker.
Dec. 1 – Our orders were changed.  We are with Task Force 38.1 now.  We got underway
              this morning.  We don’t know for where, but we aren’t going out for fun.  There
              are 17 cans, 5 cruisers, 2 wagons & 4 carriers in this Task unit 38.1.  We will
              probably hit some Jap stronghold close (to) Japan itself.  We have been
              issued cold weather clothing, so it will probably be cold where we are going.  I
              dread the cold weather after eleven months of tropical weather.
Dec. 2 – Returned to Ulithi today because of rough weather ahead.
Dec. 10 – Underway – for the Phillipines (Philippines) I think.
Dec. 14 – A Jap plane came too close 0400 this morning.  Our night fightere (fighters)
                brought him down.  The first wave of planes took off at 0600 – headed for
                Luzon.  The planes are going to strike all day and tomorrow and possibly next
                day.  They are going to hit 97 Jap airfields on Luzon.  There are Two other
                units like this one of the 38 Task force north of us.  They are hitting Luzon.
                All three units will hit everything on Luzon (.)  The other two units are hitting
                their Quota of the 97 airfields.  We are about 100 miles off the east coast of
                Luzon.  About 200 from Manila (,) where the planes are hitting and will be
                hitting all day (.)  The first wave have returned – 0900 – Two or three were
Dec. 15 – Same routine as yesterday.  Report for two days – our planes shot down 41 Jap
                planes over Luzon; destroyed 193 on the ground; & damaged 90.  Our losses
                were light.  We probably have lost more planes because of forced landings after
                return.  Fuel shortage.  These strikes on Luzon were to distract attention from
                Mindoro where forces landed this morning.
Dec. 16 – A Jap plane has been around all morning & has sent in our position.  There are
                four groups of Jap planes on their way out.  Our fighters have gone out to
                intercept them.  We are at G.Q. waiting for them in case some get thru our
                fighters.  Group three has just been erased.  All of the groups were shot down.
                Our planes attact (attacked) installations on Luzon again today.  Our mission
                was reported as sucessful (successful) and completed.  Jap loses (losses) were
                heavy.  Several ships of all descriptions – 235 planes destroyed & 38 damaged,
                shore installation railroad cars & locomotives – airfields.  Our losses, only a
                few planes.
Dec. 19 – We have just come thru the worst storm this ship has ever seen.  We were on
                our way to meet tankers to refuel.  It was too rough to fuel 17th.  By morning of
                18th Storm had reach(ed) high intensity.  There was a 110 knot wind by noon.
                We were dangerously low on fuel.  The storm subsided afternoon of 18th.  One
                can run (ran) out of fuel and was broken up and sank.  Ten survivors.  Two
                DE’s are still missing.  To run out of fuel in that weather was sure death.
                Considerable damage done to all ships in task force.  Several men lost.  Most
                Of our bulwarks were ripped off, but we lost no men.
Dec. 20 – The Captain said there were three destroyers & one D.E. missing after the
                storm.  This is the latest reports.  Survivors – about ten – from the Hull and a
                few from the Spence, I think, were picked up.  So it’s evident they went down.
                One can is still missing & the D.E. was spotted today.  How these men ever
                Survived I don’t know.  The Task force reassembled & we are going to strike
                Luzon with our planes for one day from about the same place as before.
                Tomorrow we strike.
Dec. 21 – The sea was too heavy to launch the planes today, so we (-) Task force (-) have
                spent all day searching for survivors.  Possibly a hundred men have been
                picked up.  Men from the Hull, Spence, & Monaghan.  (Note:  These are the
                Destroyers DD-350, DD-512, & DD-354 respectively)  We, ourselves picked
                up two rafts & two floater nets.  No one was on them, but probably had been (,)
                as there were sharks around them.
Dec. 24 – Arrived at Ulithi.
Dec. 29 – Underway – our orders were changed again.  We are screen commander for a
                tanker unit.  There are 13 tankers (,) 3 CVE’s (Escort Carriers), 3 tugs, and
                about 15 DD’s & DE’s.  The Task force will refuel from us at planned meeting
Jan. 2, 1945 – We left the force this morning.  Have dangerous lone wolf assignment.
                We will proceed to within 100 miles of the East coast of Luzon.  At 0300
                tomorrow morning we will release several baloons (balloons).  They float
                about 30 ft. above the water & have streamers which can be picked up on
                Radar.  The purpose – we hope the Japs on Luzon will pick up mistaking them
                for a Task force, thereby catching them by surprise when our Task force hits
                Formosa tomorrow morning at dawn.  The Captain issued a notice saying in
                case of casaulity (casualty) to the ship (,) to drift with the wind is the quickest
                way to land & that nearly all islands had Guerilla (Guerrilla) forces on them.
                There will be no air force of ours in the area where we will be and the nearest
                surface craft will be about 300 miles (.)
Jan. 5 – We are with Task Force 38.2 now.  We are hitting Luzon tomorrow in a one day
              strike.  Then we will leave to release balloons off Luzon again while Task force
              hits Formosa again.
Jan. 7 – We were on our way to send baloon barrage (balloon barrage) last night but
             were ordered to rejoin the tankers.  The Task force did not go to Formosa, instead
             they went somewhere around Mindoro to give aid to the Seventh Fleet which was
             having a tough time with Jap suicide bombers (.)  One “can” was sunk and eleven
             hit, from what I can gather.
Jan. 9 – We are moving down into the South China Sea.  6 fast tankers, 12 cans & 2
             CVE’s.  Taking fuel to the Task Force which is in that area probably blocking
             interference from the China Coast while landing(s) are being made on Luzon
             today.  The Task force hit Formosa today (.)
Jan. 12 – So far we haven’t seen much of the enemy since we came around into the China
               Sea, except for an occasional observation plane which our fighters usually
               knock down.  It is thought that the Jap fleet is near because the plane knocked
               down this morning was thought to be a battleship plane (.)  The big shots
               probably do know where they are.  There may be a clash between (the) 38th
               Task Force & the Jap Fleet.
Jan. 13 – Our tankers will fuel the Task Force tomorrow – then they will leave to hit
               Hong Kong.  We will leave for Leyte, then across to Ulithi.  The Task Force
               just came back from hitting the China Coast.  I think they trapped some of (the)
               Jap Fleet at Saigon. - - They did.  25 sunk on China Coast.  Trans. (Transports),
               Cruiser, cans – 39 plane(s) (.)
Jan. 14 – We remained with the Task force today.  The planes hit Hong Kong.  We will
               Remain with the Task force tomorrow.  The planes will hit from Formosa down
               China Coast to Hong Kong.  We will then leave the force & proceed to Leyte to
               pick up fresh tankers.  But will not go to Ulithi.  Will come back to this area –
               South China Sea.
Jan. 19 – Picked up Tankers the other day & went north but was too rough for fueling
               operations.  Had to move south again.  West of Mindoro now.  Task force are
               (is) doing plenty damage.  I can’t name it all here.
Jan. 24 – Finished fueling operations, went thru Mindoro Strait, down thru Sulu Sea,
               between Negros & Mindanao, thru Suriago Strait, between Bohol & Mindanao,
               up between Leyte & Dinagat (,) where we are now.  Last night we met a huge
               convoy of over 100 ships (,) not counting escorts.  Most of them were LST’s.
               This morning another large one is going by.  They sure are moving supplies to
               Luzon fast.
Jan. 27 – Arrived at Ulithi (.)  News report of a large US convoy being hit by Japs &
               were damaged pretty much.  Must have been the one we met.
Feb. 9 – Went out for practice with the sub “Skipjack.” (SS-184) Returned this afternoon.
Feb. 12 – Went out with the “Skipjack” again.
Feb. 16 – Underway – 10 DD’s & DE’s – 3 CVE’s & about eight tankers (.)  We are all
                The fifth fleet now (,) instead of the third.
Feb. 17 – We are on our way to fuel either the carrier Force which has been hitting Tokyo
                for the last two days (,) or the Task Force which is bombarding the Bonins.  I
                think a landing will be made on the Bonins tomorrow.
Feb. 19 – Another Tanker group joined us yesterday.  Carrier Task Force which has been
                hitting Tokyo met us this morning & started fueling.  We & the Gillispie (609)
                (Original parentheses – USS Gillespie, DD-609) left the force & are underway
                for Saipan (.)  Landing made of Iwo Jima today.
Feb. 21 – Arrived at Saipan (.)  Picked up four tankers and with one D.E. left
                immeadiatly (immediately).  Could see Tinian in the distance (.)
Feb. 25 – We have fueled several Carriers in the last three days.  We are about 100 miles
                west of Iwo Jima.  One Tanker & the D.E. left for Iwo Jima today.  The Carrier
                Task Force has been hitting Tokyo & area again today.  Saw the B-29’s that hit
                Tokyo today.  About 200 of them.
March 1 – We are further North than we have been since we left (the) States (.)
                  25 degrees & it’s cold, at least to us who have been used to hot tropical
                  weather for over a year.  We joined main body of Tankers yesterday & fueled
                  parts of the 58th Task Force back from Tokyo raids.  We split up again & this
                 morning are fueling another Task unit from Iwo Jima.
March 7 – Arrived at Ulithi escorting two empty tankers.
March 12 – Saw Payne Ward. (Note:  Payne Ward was another man that Dwight knew
                   from his home county in North Carolina.  Payne Ward was killed in action.)
March 13 – Underway escorting Tankers & CVE’s (.)
March 20 – We fueled Task Force 58 Sat. (,) then they left & made strikes on Tokyo Sun.
                    & Mon. Yesterday (,) Monday, we & the 611 (DD-611, USS Kalk) escorting
                    four large Tugs left the Tanker force.  We were supposed to meet other ships
                    this morning, I don’t know what, but have not seen them.  We are turning
                    back.  We are only about 300 miles south of Japan now.  The ships we were
                    supposed to meet might have been hit in raids on Tokyo.
March 23 – The ship we were supposed to meet was a carrier (,) but she got underway on
                    her own. The Jap(s) broadcast that Two Destroyers & four Aux. (Auxiliaries)
                    were 350 miles south of Kobe.  That was us & they knew we were there, too.
                    That was a close shave.  We are back with the Tankers now.  We took 34
                    pilots & crewmen off of one CVE & transfered (transferred) them to
                    another.  Took place yesterday.
March 27 – The 24th (,) a Kingfisher from the Detroit capsized in trying to land in rough
                    water.  We picked up the pilot & radioman & then sank the plane with 20mm
                    & 40mm fire.  We have fueled Task Units which are bombarding an island
                    southeast of the Ryukyus Is. (,) also Okinawa Jima in the Ryukyus (,) in
                    preparation for a landing it is rumored.  This morning at about 0300 bogies
                    were contacted at the same time a sub.  The first time both at same time.
                    Nothing developed.  About 0500 another sub was contacted.  We dropped
                    charges but don’t know the outcome.  Several subs have been contacted in
                    the last few days.  Numerous mines have been blown up by gunfire from the
                    escorting ships. It is believed that the subs are laying the mines in an attempt
                    to sink our Tankers.  They are vital to Task Forces in strikes against the Japs.
                    We and two other cans escorting three full Tankers left the main group & are
                    heading northwest toward the Ryukyus Is.  Where the Task Force is
March 29 – We are less than 40 miles south of Okinawa Jima in the Ryukyus’s fueling
                    carriers which are striking Okinawa.
March 31 – We continued fueling (carriers striking the Rukyus)  (Original parentheses),
                    yesterday.  We are headed South now.
April 1 – Joined main Tanker group & we & three D.E.’s are escorting three empty
                tankers & one tug to Ulithi (.)  - Troops landed on Okinawa this morning.
April 3 – We just came thru another storm.
April 8 – Arrived at Ulithi on the sixth.  We are very lucky.  The Tanker group which we
                were with underwent a four hour air strike the night of the sixth.  The damages
                they suffered I do not know but I think they were pretty heavy.  We seem to
                have quite a few narrow squeaks (.)  We were lucky to have developed a steam
                leak & had to go in for repairs.
April 13 – We got underway on the 10th.  Five DD’s & DE’s escorting four tankers & one
                  Amunition (ammunition) ship.  Today we joined the main Tanker Force.
April 18 – We have fueled the main Tasl Groups since we joined main group on the 16th.
                  We with two other cans escorting three carriers, DD’s, B.B,s (BB’s) (,) CC’s
                  (CA’s? Heavy Cruisers?) & other ships taking part in operations on Okinawa.
                  We are less than 100 miles from there.  Not as close as we were once before.
                  Too many suicide pilots there to risk taking Tankers in close.  The Fleet
                  couldn’t operate without them.
April 25 – We rejoined the main force a few days ago & have been fueling carrier forces
                  & Task Units.  The Hobby (DD-610) & one DE & one Tanker left the main
                  force this morning for Okinawa are.
April 26 – Arrived at Okinawa early this morning.  Lay to just outside anchorage for
                  about four hours.  The anchorage was jammed with ships of all descriptions.
                  I used a pair of field glasses and could see the beach plainly.  It had been
                  ripped up pretty badly.  The hillside rising up from the water was terraced &
                  looked like good farming land.  Could see Air Strip atop ridge.  Destroyers
                  were shelling beach at different points & planes were bombing.  We were on
                  the west coast of Okinawa where the first landing was made (.)  We left about
                  noon escorting two Tankers.
April 28 – Rejoined main group early yesterday (.)  Left them late in the afternoon by
                  ourself (ourselves) taking a message to a Hospital Ship.  Gave them message
                  early this morning & left them.  Rejoined main group late this afternoon.
April 29 – Today we have been taking sick fellows off of Tankers and transferring them
                  to the hospital ship Bountiful.  The nurses lined the rail to watch operations
                  but we fellows only watched them.  We were very close, as the transferes
                  (transfers) took place underway.  The first time I have seen a white woman in
                  nearly sixteen months.
May 8 – News of the surrender of Germany last nite (night).  Just wished this one was
               over too.  Afraid it will be quite a while yet.
May 12 – This morning the carrier Bunker Hill joined us.  She with her task force fueled
                two days ago.  They underwent an air attack yesterday & the Bunker Hill was
                hit.  She was preparing to send up her planes when a Jap’s bomb dropped on
                the elevator which was lifting bombs & rockets for the planes (,) except a few
                on the foc’sle (the forecastle) & the fantail were burned to skeletons.  She also
                took a couple of suicide planes.  About 300 casualities (casualties) including
                the pilots which were in (the) ready room ready for taking off.  We are now
                escorting her back to Ulithi.
May 15 – Arrived at Ulithi.
May 20 – Underway with three DE’s & “us” escorting six Tankers back to Okinawa.
May 24 – Joined main Tanker group.
May 25 – One DD & (us) 610 (Original parentheses) left main group escorting two
                 Tankers to Okinawa.
May 26 – Arrived at Okinawa.  Left in about three hours.  Went thru Kerama Kaikyo or
                 Straight (Strait) in Kerama Retto or group of islands just to the west of
                 Okinawa (.)  Many ships anchord (anchored) there.  Mostly Amunition
                 (Ammunition) ships, supply, aircraft tenders, & numerous damaged ships.
May 27 – Rejoined main Tanker group. it was cloudy & rainy yesterday while we were at
                 Okinawa (,) much to our good fortune.  There was (a) 170 plane raid there the
                 day before from 1000 to 1400.
June 2 – Underway for Ulithi escorting eight Tanker(s):  we & three DE’s (.)
June 5 – Arrived at Ulithi.
June 6 – Went into floating drydock to scrap(e) & paint bottom.
June 18 – Under way with two D.E.’s & one other DD escorting three Tankers sto
June 24 – Arrived at Okinawa.  Went to Kerama Kaikyo (&) picked up Three empty
                Tankers & left for Ulithi.
June 26 – This morning about 0300 the whole crew was awakened when the word was
                passed that we would proceed to Pearl Harbor for further orders to the States
                when we reached Ulithi.  Boy!  Is this a happy crew.
June 29 – We left Ulithi this afternoon for Eniwetok on the first lap of our trip back
                home.  We flew our home going pennant, which is one foot long for each
                fellow aboard.
July 3 – Arrived at Eniwetok, fueled & left on the second lap of our Trip.  Pearl Harbor
              next stop.
July 9 – Arrived at Pearl Harbor.
July 10 – Underway for Seattle, Wash.  (Washington)
July 17 – Arrived in Seattle (.)




            The USS Hobby came to Seattle for shore leave and an overhaul as well.  The Hobby and her crew were in Seattle when the war with Japan ended.  From Seattle, they proceeded to New York for a Grand Fleet Review on Navy Day in October of 1945, and then proceeded to Charleston, South Carolina, arriving there on November 3, 1945, for decommissioning.  The Hobby was later transferred to Orange, Texas, along with the DD-609, USS Gillespie, and the DD-611, USS Kalk, to be put into mothball fleet there.  She was later transferred to Norfolk, Virginia, and in June of 1972 was taken under tow by the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal, and was sunk as a target on June 28, 1972, at 36 degrees 5 minutes North, 74 degrees 43 minutes West, in 1,580 fathoms of water.  After taking thirty six 500 pound bombs to sink her, Rear Admiral J.P. Moorer said, “I think it is fair to say that the Hobby died with her boots on.”


 USS Hobby as she approaches the historic Cooper River Bridge 
north of Charleston, SC, 3 November 1945 for decommissioning.


 USS Hobby after passing under the Cooper River Bridge headed up the river.