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70th Anniversary of VJ Da
Reunion 2015 - 70th Anniversary of VJ Day
September 2, 2015, was the 70th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day.
The DesDiv 38 Association celebrated their 45th consecutive reunion on this date
and held it's banquet and awards ceremony on the USS Hornet, in Oakland, California.
There were nine shipmate veterans from the four ships of the division
and one grandson, who is an active duty US Navy Submariner.
The officers of the Association put each of the veterans back into authentic World War Two uniforms, with the appropriate rating insignia on each uniform.  Capt. Slaughter, having retired from the Navy, brought his own uniform to wear for the occasion. 
Bravo Zulu to all!!!
Left to Right: Ray Simons, Fire Control Mate 2/C, USS Hobby; Ralph Culver, Radioman 2/C, USS Welles; Ben Winkler, Radioman 2/C, USS Welles; Captain Jack Slaughter, Skipper of the USS Welles; Bob McDonald, Gunners Mate 2/C, USS Welles; Harold Crabtree (seated), Baker Striker Seaman 2/C, USS Welles; Ray Roberts, Fire Control 3/C, USS Kalk; Frank Boyer, Bosuns Mate 2/C, USS Welles; Hugo Tholen, Fire Control 2/C, USS Hobby; and Dwayne Whiteside, Machinist Mate 1/C active duty US Navy, and grandson of the USS Gillespie.